RECONSTRUCT at the Building Digital Twin International Congress (BDTIC)


The conference will take place on April 17th in Barcelona

RECONSTRUCT, represented by Sergio Rodriguez and Farzad Rahimian (Teesside Universisty) is ready to attend the Congress which is organized by the Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA) and with the collaboration of the European Network for Digital Building Permits (EUnet4DBP).

It will be a great occasion where more than 20 leading Digital Twin speakers will discuss the importance of digitalizing, quantifying, and classifying construction waste.

During this occasion, it will be presented a conceptual framework developed to demonstrate the quantification workflow incorporating digital technologies. This framework is used in RECONSTRUCT to determine the methods of quantification. It is based on a critical analysis of different models that consider sources of waste, reporting metrics, project types, and the role of information and communication technologies in quantification.

Attending this congress will provide valuable insights to RECONSTRUCT to enhance waste management processes.

Ph: Vitor Monteiro

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