Circular territorial solutions for the built environment

Construction uses 32% of the world’s natural resources and generates 25% of total solid waste. Hence, it is responsible for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, of which more than a third come from embodied carbon in construction, especially from cement and steel.

The EU-funded project RECONSTRUCT aims to achieve circularity in the European construction sector to reduce the industry’s strong environmental impact. To lower the use of primary non-renewable raw materials the project will:

  • develop low-carbon alternatives to cement and steel;
  • manufacture construction components that use recycled materials and are designed for modularity;
  • embed deconstruction in building design.

The circular approach will be unleashed through digitisation and regionalisation of the construction value chain. Real-scale pilot buildings in Brussels and Barcelona will demonstrate the project’s impact potential and economic feasibility.

For further information please contact the project coordinator:
Kathleen Blanco
Instituto de Tecnología de la Construcción de Cataluña (ITeC)