The EU Parliament Reaches a Provisional Agreement on EU Construction Products Regulation for Green and Digital Transitions

Project update

The Council and the European Parliament signed a provisional agreement on December 14th to streamline EU rules for construction products.

The CPR (Construction Products Regulation) facilitates market movement, reduces administrative burdens through digital solutions, and aligns products and standards with circular economy principles. The agreement includes the creation of a digital passport for construction products and empowers green public procurement procedures.

The construction industry is a vital contributor to the EU’s economy, accounting for 5.5% of its GDP and providing employment to over 25 million people in 5 million firms. Comprising 430,000 companies with a turnover of €800 billion, the sector faces challenges related to resource consumption, waste, and energy use challenges.

The CPR is contributing to green and digital transitions with a 15-year transition period. The new regulation is in line with the European Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan, demonstrating the EU’s commitment to sustainable development in the construction sector and replacing the old legislation.

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