The International Day of Zero Waste: an opportunity to RECONSTRUCT a more sustainable future

Project update

In today's world, the impact of human activity on the planet is becoming more and more apparent.

Therefore, the importance of sustainable practices has become extremely urgent. The International Day of Zero Waste is a critical initiative that promotes sustainable consumption and production patterns while dealing with the pressing challenges presented by waste management.
This is a global effort to address the issue of waste management and encourage sustainable practices. By fostering responsible production, consumption, and disposal practices within a closed, circular system, this initiative aims to minimize waste generation while maximizing resource efficiency.

As RECONSTRUCT, an EU-funded project, we are actively endorsing the campaign via our social media platforms. Along with the sister projects Circ-Boost and WOODCIRCLES, on March 30th, we will begin releasing short videos where we explain how circularity potentially guarantees a zero-waste world, in our daily work.

On this International Day of Zero Waste, we want to reaffirm our commitment to building a more sustainable future. Indeed, achieving zero waste requires concerted efforts across all levels of society. And, even if the recognition of the importance of zero-waste initiatives is growing among governments, communities, and industries worldwide, this is not enough!

Join us in our RECONSTRUCTion.

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