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Dear readers,

Welcome to RECONSTRUCT. With immense pleasure, we launch our first project newsletter.

This regular appointment represents the opportunity to catch up on the project’s latest activities, results, events and editorial production. In this release, we are sharing the highlights of RECONSTRUCT covering its first months of life.

First, a brief reminder about the objectives of this project involving 16 entities across Europe. RECONSTRUCT aims to achieve increased circularity in the European construction sector , mainly by reducing the use of primary non-renewable materials . The project will:

  • Develop and adopt low-carbon alternatives to cement and steel.
  • Manufacture construction components that not only incorporate recycled materials but are also designed for disassembly and reuse.
  • Integrate the process of deconstruction into the very core of building design.RECONSTRUCT will use a range of digital tools to identify, quantify, and assess potential waste reservoirs. To validate our research and methodology, two demo buildings will be constructed: one at Green Energy Park, Brussels, and the other at Mogoda’s Castle in the area of Barcelona.

Look at our website to discover more about the demo sites, our objectives and how we’re planning to reach them.

Next month, together with our sister projects Woodcircles and Circ-boost, we are going to participate in our first joint social media campaign and raise awareness for #ZeroWasteDay on March 30th. Do not miss this and join us in our efforts to develop circular, eco-friendly, and innovative solutions to reduce emissions from the construction industry.

Follow us and be a part of the RECONSTRUCTion.

The project coordination team
ITeC (Instituto de Tecnología de la Construcción de Cataluña)
Vanessa Carolina Soteldo, Kathleen Blanco, Jose Lucas

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